Other Creative Projects

I have hundreds of creative projects that I would like to bring to fruition. Here are a few examples:

None of these projects have been published.


Arrogant Beings
“Arrogant Beings”

A philosophical exploration of humans as purely biological beings rather than the classical notion of metaphysical beings seeking meaning. Beings of the earth.

+ two more partially developed non-philosophical, non-fiction books.


“Ice Hockey in the Hot Sun”

“Connie is a Red Monkey”

“I will miss you”
A book about when a child’s best friend moves and leaves the school.

“There is Palace on the other Side of the Moon: The price of admission is being nice.”


The Capela and the 12 Knights

“The Capela and the 12 Knights”

A fictional account explaining the mystery of the knight’s gravestones in the chapel next to the castle at GuimarĂ£es.


I will not share my poetry for now but will continue to write poetry until it is of high enough quality to publish.
Song of Myself Revisited – Tribute to Whitman + 100’s more.


I have written four short plays and want to someday produce plays in a local theater.


Horny Vikings
“Horny Vikings”

A FUN documentary inspired by my Icelandic brother-in-law and my nephew who insist that Vikings did not have horns on their helmets. They have only found one ancient helmet in Iceland and just because it didn’t have horns, does not prove anything. We must explore the truth!


The Bond

“The Bond 1.0″
A new marriage format for the 21st century.