Novellas and Short Stories

Novellas and short stories give me the opportunity to explore new ideas and concepts without worrying about my “serious” writing. I can have fun with science-fiction and also explore many other genres.

Although many of these stories are already written, they are not published yet.
I will try to get them published after I publish my first novel.


Naki and the Sea

“Naki and the Sea”

A story about Naki’s strange desire to push the limits of human existence and her parent’s unconditional love and support.

Tuvo Owns the Empire State Building

“Tuvo Owns the Empire State Building”

Sci-fi novella tribute to Asimov’s writing style.

“Sky Dreams of Robots” ? Several versions written.

“The Coach Potato and the Magical Padrao”

+ many more…


Leaving Blue

“Leaving Blue”

A collection of sci-fi short stories about human exploration/colonization of other planets.
“Minimum Dose”


“Leonard Cohen Started the War”

“Final Moments Stage” A digital system for staging a perfect death.

“The Wordsmith” Deep human words must be simplified for easier digestion.

“Our End” Three astronauts, the end, what’s the best way to go?

“Bone Cracker”

“When You Have Loved a Goddess”

+ many many others…


“Thoughts on Water”

+ dozens more…


“Hulduf√≥lk” Another New York Christmas story with an Icelandic twist.