Future Novels

These are just some ideas of novels that I’ve started. The covers and descriptions are just quick mock-ups for now. The use of “philosophical” in my descriptions is my attempt to convey that my novels will have several layers of meaning twisting through the story line. I hope that “philosophical” entices the reader rather than provoke a “Oh no!” response :)

The Volunteer

“The Volunteer”

The story of an inside job to steal a painting with a twist. Does art have an intrinsic force? A study of morality, freedom, and difficult choices. The gallery’s staff must confront the international art theft ring in a dangerous life or death plot.

The Talking Oak

“The Talking Oak”

After losing his ability to “rationalize”, due to brain damage, he also loses his family, friends, and humanity — all that is left is the talking oak tree in the park.

Can the tree, free from human belief systems, rational thought, and metaphysical tendencies, help him to find a deeper meaning to life — something more than his own tormented mind can provide?

The Adventures of Howard Drummond During the Battle of the Atlantic

“The Adventures of Howard Drummond During the Battle of the Atlantic”

Howard does not hesitate to jump into the icy North Atlantic water to save lives. He does not hesitate to jump into anything in life.

There is no contemplation, no philosophy, just pure bravery.

In reading about his adventures paradoxes about existence and the meaning of life will appear and cannot be dismissed. This novel is philosophical adventure story.

I have already written two complete novels, but they will probably
never be published because I feel they are not of the highest quality.