Billionaire Character


Working on the novel:

I’ve started working on some minor characters for the novel. One character that I’m having difficulty with is a billionaire.

If this was a doctor, chef, actor, soldier, or even a tightrope walker, I could bring this character to life — make him/her into a real person.

I’ve never met a billionaire, not even a rich millionaire, so I have no perspective. I want to contact a billionaire and ask a few questions — otherwise character will be a cartoon-like character. I want to flesh out a real person that comes to life like the other people in the novel.

In the end, each billionaire is a different person, they are still human; however, the person should be willing to give up all of their money if necessary. Is this possible?

Perhaps it should be a billionaire more like Elon Musk than Mark Cuban, but who knows who is the nice one or their motivations in life. Zuckerberg, Gates, other billionaires, who know? I wish I could just eliminate this character but right now this character is required for an important plot line.

What is an element that I have in common with a billionaire? Entrepreneurship, yearning for success, yes, but the power, virtually unlimited ability to buy anything, and being so privileged. Are they all just evil as we imagine? How do I understand their world.

I need to contact a billionaire, but that’s impossible. I doubt that even with many connections and degrees of connections, there’s nobody that knows a billionaire, there’s too few of them.